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Search For Blast Victims Is Off

More than 30 federal agents have concluded their search for the remains of 7 workers who are believed to have died in an explosion at a fireworks factory.

Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms spokeswoman Vera Fedorak told The Detroit News Sunday examiners will use dental records and if necessary, DNA testing to identify the remains, said Hillsdale County Deputy Medical Examiner Jon Herebner. Dental identifications would take about 2 weeks and DNA identifications at least 6 weeks.

Fedorak said the cause of the Friday afternoon explosion has not been determined. Robert Slayton and William Richardson, identified as owners of the fireworks company, have not been available for comment.

Also Sunday, police continued interviewing factory officials and others who might shed light on what went wrong. Monday, the ATF and other authorities are scheduled to gather physical evidence at the scene, Fedorak said.

The blast occurred about 80 miles southwest of Detroit and 15 miles north of the Michigan-Ohio line. Twenty-two people were working at Independence Professional Fireworks when the explosion occurred. Fifteen escaped serious injury.

Danny Carr, the husband of Joyce Ann Carr, 52, one of the 7 still listed as missing, said the factory workers cared for each other like a family.

"They would bring each other cakes on their birthday. Everybody was close," Carr told the Detroit Free Press. "She really liked it."