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Sean Hannity Is A Star Attraction At Palin Rally

From CBS News' Scott Conroy:

(KISSIMMEE, FLA.) - No, that wasn't a politician who was signing autographs along the ropeline before Sarah Palin took the stage here - it was conservative radio and TV host Sean Hannity.

Screaming fans shouted, "Sean!" as Hannity dashed around the cordoned-off media area, reaching over banisters to sign autographs.

Earlier on Sunday, the popular Fox News personality conducted his fourth interview with the Alaska governor. He continued on to Kissimmee to sit down with "The View" co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who introduced Palin to the crowd.

Hannity winked, gave a thumbs up, and autographed McCain campaign signs and other paraphernalia, telling one man in the crowd, "You're a great American."

"You should go up as a speaker," one of Hannity's fans suggested.

"I can't," Hannity said. "I'm here to report on her."

Hannity continued to greet well-wishers after Palin took the stage, applauding briefly at one point during the governor's speech.

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