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Sean Hannity has message for Roger Ailes' enemies

Ailes' legacy
Ailes' legacy 09:05

Fox News personality Sean Hannity, who hosts the eponymous show, wrote a tribute to late boss Roger Ailes, whom he referred to as a "second father." Ailes died at 77, his wife said in a statement Thursday morning.

Working with Ailes 09:13

Hannity had a message for the haters: Ailes will "kick your a** in the next life."

Hannity began his 16-tweet missive by saying, "Today America lost one of its great patriotic warriors" and added that Ailes "forever changed the political and the media landscape singlehandedly for the better."

He reminisced about how Ailes took a risk by hiring him in 1996, saying, "He took a huge risk on an inexperienced, young, local radio talk show host in Atlanta. To this day I have no earthly idea why."

Hannity praised Ailes for his insight and acumen, saying that the former Fox News chief "was always the strategist." He said Ailes became a father figure to him after his own father died in 1997.

He continued by writing that he wished people would leave Ailes' family and legacy in peace, but he doubted that would happen.

"But to his enemies know this; I say ADVANTAGE ROGER, In his mind he just has a head start in preparing to kick your a** in the next life," wrote Hannity.

Ailes was credited with the rise of Fox News and became an even more controversial figure after he was forced to resign in July 2016 in the wake of sexual harassment allegations lobbed by former employees.

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