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1 dead, 6 rescued from dangerous rip current at New Hampshire beach

SEABROOK, N.H. -- One person died and six others were rescued from the ocean after getting pulled out by a dangerous current at a New Hampshire beach Sunday afternoon, CBS Boston reports. The rescues happened just after noon in the water off Seabrook Beach near Ocean Drive. There are no lifeguards stationed at the beach.

Seabrook Officers John Giarrusso and Zach Bunszell were first people on scene. Giarrusso shed his gear, dove into the water and helped several people to shore. He then returned to the water on a surfboard to search for another swimmer.

Lifeguards from nearby Hampton Beach arrived on boats and jet skis to assist.

One woman who was pulled from the water was taken to the Seabrook Emergency. A male swimmer was pulled from the water about 30 minutes after police arrived on scene. He was transported to Anna Jaques Hospital.

The Coast Guard said one person died and one remains in critical condition.

"The quick and selfless actions of the police officers, firefighters, and lifeguards was essential in removing all parties from the rough waters today," said acting Seabrook Chief of Police Brett Walker. "The inter-agency teamwork was exemplary given the circumstances. Our officers on scene, along with the Seabrook and Hampton Fire Departments and lifeguards, quickly and efficiently coordinated both a targeted search and rescue area for those in the water as well as land-based evacuation for those requiring transport."

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