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San Diego State cites possible fraternity "misconduct" after freshman's death

Possible frat "misconduct" eyed after death
Did misconduct at San Diego State University fraternity lead to student death? 02:43

Fourteen fraternities at San Diego State University are under suspension after the death of a 19-year-old freshman. Dylan Hernandez died following a frat party last week.

University officials have not released the cause of Hernandez's hospitalization or death, but said there is evidence that a fraternity may have been engaged in "possible misconduct," CBS News correspondent Jamie Yuccas reports. Hernandez was in his dorm room when he fell off his bunk bed and hit his head. His roommate found him unconscious, without a pulse, the medical examiner said.

Several students said Hernandez had been drinking heavily at a fraternity party. "You could tell he like over partied, like, more than usual. So everyone's like, 'whoa, like just make sure he's like okay,'" said student Piper Grant.

SDSU did not reveal the name of the frat that hosted the party Hernandez attended, but he was pledging to one of the suspended fraternities, Phi Gamma Delta. According to the school's student newspaper, the chapter was placed on probation in 2017 after being "found in violation of regulations pertaining to alcohol at off-campus fraternity events."

Students have had longstanding concerns about Greek life at the university and said alcohol violations stretch across campus.

"It's like the party culture," said Natalie Friedrichsen, a San Diego State University alumnus. "They just kind of get used to it and then, they don't think cause like, they're having a good time."

Student Gwenyth Crise said she hopes the suspension of the fraternities leads to the university taking action on the issue. "This has been a problem for a while. We've seen alcohol abuse on this campus," she said. "So hopefully this will create a healthier environment for the school."

Meanwhile, tributes were pouring in for Hernandez. "My heart goes out to him, his friends, his family," said Matthew Flanders, another student.

Friends of the Hernandez family have put up a GoFundMe page to raise money to "help to create memorials for family and friends as a way to grieve."

The San Diego Police Department is not yet involved in the case.  It would only take over if Hernandez's death is ruled a homicide by the medical examiner's office.

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