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Scramble To Remain In Amazon

It seems both sexes are on equal footing on the next "Survivor: The Amazon."

After Dave Johnson, the 24-year-old rocket scientist from Pasadena, Calif., was voted out of the Jacaré tribe, four men and four women were left in the struggle for dominance.

It's a scramble to the end to figure out who's next to go, as various tribe members battle it out and face unexpected developments that affect their standings with each other. And as Deena Bennett, the deputy district attorney from California, says, "It the battle of the weakest vs. the battle of the strongest."

One cast member, Heidi Strobel, may be vulnerable this week because she will be overcome by pain from a swollen knee — causing her to become a weak link in her tribe.

Meanwhile, survivor Matthew Von Ertfelda is convinced he should throw a Challenge in order to get back under the radar. But will that be the smart thing to do?

And, a date provides much pleasure and happiness, as well as a new point of view.

Watch Survivor: The Amazon on CBS Thursday, 8 p.m. ET, to find out who will be the next contestant voted off.

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