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American man charged in death of Anguilla hotel worker facing death threats

Man speaks after hotel worker's death
Man charged in death of Anguilla hotel worker facing death threats 01:55

New York — A Connecticut man who killed a Caribbean resort worker claiming self-defense, told CBS News he fears for his life. Scott Hapgood is facing manslaughter charges in Anguilla after a deadly confrontation.

Hapgood was vacationing with his family last April when Kenny Mitchel, a hotel employee dressed in uniform, entered Hapgood's room in the afternoon. What happened next is unclear, but their violent encounter resulted in Mitchel's death.

"I, my wife, my children, we wake up with it, we live in it, we swim in it, we breathe it every day," Hapgood said.

At a press conference Tuesday, Hapgood and his lawyer said Mitchel was "armed and demanding money" and raised concerns about the release of evidence by officials in Anguilla.

Scott Hapgood with his wife and children Handout

"The attorney general withheld for more than two months a toxicology report that showed Mr. Kenny Mitchel was not only drunk, but also high on cocaine and other drugs when he attacked Scott," said attorney Juliya Arbisman.

Rina Mitchell, the victim's mother spoke to CBS News via webcam.  

"My son did not try to rob him. Something else happened," she said.

Hapgood, who is out on bail after posting a $74,000 bond, has been inundated with insults and threats. CBS News obtained voicemails left on Hapgood's cellphone, including one where someone says they "know exactly where you live."

Hapgood is scheduled to be back in Anguilla for a hearing on Thursday. Earlier this week, he spoke exclusively to CBS News.

"All that I did was defend my young daughters in front of an attacker that was crazed and desperate and I just have to hold onto that fact. I'd do it again," he said.

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