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Scott Brown, Massachusetts Victor, Says Daughters Are "Available"

In his victory speech last night, Massachusetts Republican Senator-elect Scott Brown was introducing his family when he made a comment that he later admitted would mean he is "going to get in trouble when I get home."

The comment also immediately generated commentary on blogs and twitter, with some suggesting the senator-elect "embarrassed the crap out of" his two roughly college-age daughters.

"And as always, I rely on Gail's love and support and that of our two lovely daughters," he said. "So I want to thank [daughters] Ayla and Arianna for their help as well. And just in case anyone who's watching throughout the country – yes, they're both available."

"No, no no," he said, after laughter broke out. Ayla Brown, a former American Idol contestant, can then be told telling her father, "not Arianna."

"No, only kidding, only kidding," Brown continued. "Only kidding, only kidding. Arianna's definitely not available. But Ayla is."

Brown's wife then said, "stop," with a smile on her face. Brown then introduced his daughters to the crowd.

You can watch the moment above.

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