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Scott Baio Does Day Care

Since he played Fonzi's tough little cousin Chachi in the nostalgic sitcom "Happy Days," Scott Baio's status as teenage heartthrob has been forever cemented in television history.

In the ensuing years, we have all gotten a little older, and so has he. Now he's starring in the new family adventure film, "Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2." In it, he runs an elite baby day-care center with a rather special group of toddlers.

"It's like 'Willie Wonka' meets 'Inspector Gadget,'" Baio tells The Ealry Show co-anchor Hannah Storm. "The babies in the day care center have to combat Jon Voight, who is this Nazi-type character who is going to brainwash the children with a satellite television."

With the help of a super baby called "The Kahuna," the other babies fight the Jon Voight character.

The film also stars Kathleen Turner and Christopher Lloyd. British-born actress Vanessa Angel plays Baio's wife.

Working with babies was particularly easy for Baio, even though as many as 15 babies were on the set.

"When the baby has a problem, I just walk away and the director and the baby handler have to deal with it, so I'm getting all of the fun stuff with the baby," Baio says. "They were so sweet. The boy who plays my son, he's like a little angel and he was so cute! So I had a good time, I really did."

And he says he is very pleased with the outcome: "I watched it the other night with an audience of kids, and they were just glued to the screen."

Careerwise, life has been good, he says. He enjoys having fans from all stages in life, "I've done so many different shows. I guess they always remember you from your first show, but depending on the age of the person, that dictates what they know me from. I think if you're above 30, it's 'Happy Days,' and below 30, it's 'Charles In Charge.' And then above 70 it is 'Diagnosis Murder.'"

Personally, Baio is happy to be engaged. "We were supposed to get married this past summer. But my fiancee got a really great job, so we said, 'Let's push it back because we're not ready to have a kid at this moment,' which I'd love to."

Even after that movie?

"Yeah," he says with a smile, "Because when I have a problem, I give it to my wife and go down the block and watch the Yankee game."

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