Scotch on glacier: a guided tour of the Arctic

Bob Simon takes you on a guided tour of his Arctic Circle trip, where he reports on polar bears and the innovative BBC filmmaker who documents them

For this week's "60 Minutes" broadcast, correspondent Bob Simon traveled to the Arctic and reported on an innovative BBC wildlife filmmaker who has come up with novel ways of shooting up-close footage of the dangerous polar bear -- without becoming polar bear bait. The subject of Simon's story is the legendary John Downer, who films animals using hidden spy cams, controlled remotely or connected to motion sensors. Downer and his team disguised cameras as floating icebergs, rolling snowballs, and snowy rock ledges.

"60 Minutes Overtime" takes you behind the scenes on Bob's trip to the Arctic, where he traveled by ice-breaker ship, delivered "stand-ups" on ice flows under armed guard (polar bears can sneak up on you), and tried a new drink he calls "Scotch on Glacier."