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Schwarzenegger Gives Obama "A" For Effort

(AP Photo/Heribert Proepper)
California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the few Republicans who has something good to say about President Obama.

On CNN yesterday, Schwarzenegger said the president "should get a straight A" for his first year "when it comes to effort."

"He's out there with tremendous energy and he's selling his ideas," the governor told CNN's John King. "And he has great enthusiasm there. He's a great speaker, a great communicator."

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a Democrat-turned-Republican-turned-independent, was also on the program. He gave Obama "a pretty high grade."

"I hate to use letters," he said. "But [Obama] is working very hard and trying. And he's got enthusiasm and drive. And I would just urge him to don't – if he doesn't get everything he wants – don't get beaten down, don't go back into your shell."

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