Schools wary of new "pot bracelets" some students are wearing

One of the controversial "pot bracelets" said to be turning up in students' wardrobes

(CBS/WJZ) BALTIMORE, Md. - In schools across the country, students are being suspended for wearing bracelets.

Not just any bracelets - "pot bracelets" - apparently perfectly designed for smoking marijuana.

Mike Gimbel, a drug educator at St. Joseph's Hospital, told CBS affiliate WJZ the device is actually quite simple. "It unscrews, you've got a nice screen already in it, pull off the macramé plug and you have a powerful pipe." He says they're easy to wear and disguise at school because kids are wearing this kind of jewelry anyway.

In Maryland school districts, wearing the bracelets can get you arrested.

"If they use it and there is residue in the pipe it's a working pipe, paraphernalia, and it's illegal," Gimbel said.

One high school principal in Maryland tells WJZ if he sees a bracelet with marijuana residue on it, the student would be suspended.

In Florida, the "pot bracelets" have also reportedly become widespread.