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School custodian hailed a hero after saving 3rd grader's life

MEAD, Colo. -- A custodian at an elementary school in Colorado is being hailed a hero after helping save the life of a 3rd grader choking on his lunch, reports CBS Denver.

Eight-year-old Luc Dowen was choking on a bagel when the school custodian stepped in to help.

"If he wasn't there, I probably would have died," said Luc.

Luc knew he was choking and had to act fast.

"All I could hear in my minds is ... 'Get an adult, get an adult,'" recalled Luc to CBS Denver.

So that's what Luc did. He ran to Jeff Fleiger, the school custodian, and tapped him on the back.

Fleiger immediately sprung into action, performing the Heimlich maneuver on the choking elementary student. Fleiger said he was trained nearly a decade ago in how to do the Heimlich, but never had to use it. Until now.

School custodian Jeff Fleiger. CBS Denver

It took a few tries, but it eventually worked. Then Fleiger carried Luc to the nurses office. Fleiger said it didn't really hit him until the next day.

"The next day he (Luc) came up to me and gave me a hug," Fleiger said.

When asked if he has anything to say to Jeff, Luc replied with a big smile, "Just thank you."

Luc said he advises other people not to be scared when someone is performing the Heimlich on them.

"Because the adrenaline kicks in and it doesn't hurt at all," he said.

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