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School Bells Are Ringing

School Bells Are Ringing

(CBS) The nation's school enrollment is at a record high, with 53.2 million pupils heading to classes in kindergarten through 12th grade, according to a new Education Department report.

College enrollment also hits a record this year, at 14.9 million.

To make the return to the classroom a little easier for pupils and their parents, offers the following back-to-school news.

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Fear Clouds School Openings
In the wake of grisly shootings, educators are trying to keep schools safe without making them fortresses.
Stressed-Out Kids
It can be a tough world out there, even for kindergarteners. Expert Judsen Culbreth tells CBS News This Morning how to tell if your child is under stress, and how you can help.
A Safe Surfer's Guide
There's a plethor of material out there for kids and their parents. Here are some good choices, selected by
Back-To-School Fashion
Fashion consultant Alison Deyette gives This Morning a rundown of the latest back-to-school fashions, while several kids model the trends from Rye, N.Y.
Pack Away Back Pain
A heavy backpack might explain the pain you've been having in your back. CBS News Correspondent Dr. Emily Senay has tips for easing the pain.
A Bull Market For Plagiarism
A laissez-faire attitude toward cheating is approaching epidemic proportions, compounded by the ease of accessing information via the Internet, reports CBS News Correspondent John Roberts.
Voucher Plans Face A Test
The thorny issue of school choice faces a key test in Florida as the nation's first statewide school-voucher plan takes effect.
Bridging The Techno-Gap
According to a CBS News poll, when it comes to the Internet, kids know more than most parents. But parents can bridge that gap, CBS News Correspondent Russ Mitchell reports.
Is Jr. Ready For School?
Is your child ready for school? The president of the National Association of Elementary School Principals offers some guidelines and advice.
An Invitation To Learn
With the help of a teacher-author, CBS This Morning takes a look at how to get kids excited about returning to the classroom.

A Shot In The Arm For Pupils
Most schools require that enrollees have som basic immunizations. Here are the minimum requirements in most states.
A Running Start On The Day
Organizational consultant Ronni Eisenberg joins CBS This Morning to show you how to take some chaos out of your mornings.
Little Critters
It's a problem that strikes fear into the heart of any parent. Here's how to cope when your child contracts a case of head lice.
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