Schieffer: Sotomayor Also "A Big Baseball Fan"

President Obama's pick to succeed Supreme Court Justice David Souter, Sonia Sotamayor, is an ideal candidate for the seat, CBS News Chief Washington correspondent Bob Schieffer told in an interview Tuesday.

"If you were going to sit down and make up a resume for someone, it would be hard to make up a better resume than what she brings to the table," he said.

"She ended the baseball strike and ruled with the players," Schieffer says in reference to the president's remarks earlier today. "In addition to all of the other compelling things that she has in her life story, she is also a big baseball fan."

Schieffer said "tough questions are coming," from Republicans during the looming debate over her confirmation. "They will try to paint her as an activist judge...someone who will try to make up the law from the bench."

Take a look at the interview below: