Schieffer: Romney "wimp" headline could hurt him

Schieffer: "Dismal" economy a threat for Obama
With only 102 days left until the general election, "dismal" economic numbers could be disastrous for President Obama, says CBS News Chief Washington correspondent Bob Schieffer.

(CBS News) Monday on "CBS This Morning," Bob Schieffer said a new cover article in Newsweek, which calls Mitt Romney a wimp, could hurt him, despite Romney dismissing the article in a CBS News interview on Sunday.

"I think if you gave Governor Romney truth serum and even his campaign, nobody has told me this, I think they would probably say they are concerned about this. I mean, this article was savage, it was brutal. How could you not have a reaction to it? I think it could hurt him."

The "Face the Nation" host said it could hurt Romney because people are still trying to identify who he is.

"In the latest CBS News poll we had, we found... 31 percent of voters said they didn't yet have a feeling about Mitt Romney. In other words, don't know whether they like him or don't like him and more than half the voters believe that he sometimes says just what he thinks people want to hear from him. So when you have that kind of opinion, when that many people you know, don't really know the candidate, when you put something like this article into the narration of the campaign it sort of gives people ideas. It plants suggestions."

While in Jerusalem Sunday, Romney gave afiery speech in Jerusalem where he said, "We should employ any and all measures to dissuade the Iranian regime from its nuclear course." Schieffer said Romney wanted to "demonstrate his foreign policy credentials."

"He was trying to draw the line, and make people understand that, number one, he knows how to handle foreign policy and, number two, that basically without saying so, that he could just do it a lot better than Barack Obama is. People will make their own judgments about that, of course, but clearly that was his objective."