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S.C. GOP Candidate Tim Scott Focuses on Obamacare

South Carolina Republican candidate Tim Scott sat down with "Washington Unplugged" on Monday, and moderator John Dickerson asked him why he would be different from other candidates. Scott replied with a verbal offensive on Obamacare.

"The way you stop the madness is you have a record, a consistent record of fighting for the issues that will salvage America's future," Scott said. "I have a voting record in the state House of Representatives in South Carolina where I am the lead sponsor of a bill that nullifies Obamacare."

"My the first bill in South Carolina written to nullify Obamacare," Scott said. "This is a great example of limiting the size of government. If we are going to win our country back, if we are going to make sure that we don't look like Greece on a financial crisis standpoint, we have to stop spending money. We cannot ascribe to ourselves new entitlements that some unborn Americans will have to pay for."

Scott faces off against Paul Thurmond (the late Strom Thurmond's son) in a runoff on June 22nd to be the Republican candidate in the state's first congressional district. The seat is current held by Republican Henry Brown, who is not running for reelection.

Watch Monday's Washington Unplugged with the full interview above. The show also features CBS News Chief Political Consultant Marc Ambinder with a preview of the president's address Tuesday and Alvin Greene's surprising victory in South Carolina's Democratic Senate primary last week.

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