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Sayonara, Sarah!

Despite a surprising switch, the Rotu tribe's unbeaten streak continued on Survivor: Marquesas this week, resulting in a fourth trip to tribal council for its rival, Maraamu.

That's where the newly re-formed tribe unanimously bid farewell to Sarah Jones. She joined Jane Clayon on the The Early Show to talk about her experiences.

Clayson noted that the mid-game tribe switch was a disaster for Jones.

Sarah agreed. "Definitely. I should have stayed on my first instinct. I should have stayed on the first block. I changed positions. If I hadn't, I would have joined Rotu."

"You had at least two votes in every tribal council leading up to the time you were voted off. You had ample time to sort of revise your strategy and sort of snip snap into shape. Why didn't you?" Clayson asked.

"Me, Rob, Sean and Vecepia were on a roll. We had everything going the way we wanted to go. If it wasn't for the switch, who knows what would have happened?" Jones replied. "But it worked out that way."

Clayson pressed her: "Even after the switch, after you had a chance to sort of start anew. You didn't want to go on the hike with the folks. You didn't want to get in the water, sort of be part of the group."

Jones defended herself: "I wanted to be in the water. The bugs didn't bother me in the water. At that point, I was glad about meeting new people but the bugs were bothering me so bad. I was miserable by the last night. It was ridiculous. I couldn't stop itching myself. It was driving me crazy. I would wake up bloody, head to toe. We had oil but it didn't seem to matter. Didn't do anything for me. Unfortunately."

Clayson commented that Jones had set herself apart from the very beginning, starting when the raft came in, and as Sean put it, she looked like Cleopatra. She wanted to know if that was her strategy - to be Princess of the island?

Jones said no. "Until watching it, I didn't really know that was how it looked. Now looking at it, wow, that's kind of funny. Because that's not me. I was the lightest one. A couple of people had asked me to sit in the middle of the raft. I had also been sick. It was a long ride. Four hours for just the rowing of that little raft in. But you know, after watching it I'm just kind of like, wow, I can't believe I did that."

Clayson wanted the dirt on Rob. What was going on with the two of them?

"Rob is a really nice guy. Very, very smart guy. We connected from the very beginning. We became really good friends. And you know, we cuddled up. We had a good time," she said. "I'm glad that he was my alliance. We had the same opinions about every single person, so everything just matched up."

Clayson then replayed a scene where Rob talks about their relationship and how he can control her votes. "You didn't think he was using you at the time?" she asked.

Jones replied, "Everybody kind of uses somebody. You have an alliance for a reason. One vote is really two votes. It's the situation with everybody. He could only be using me if I would go along with what he said. And it wasn't like he was telling me what to do. I have my own opinions. But we thought the same with everybody, so our plan was the same."

Clayson asked about viewer favorite Hunter Ellis, who was voted off the island the week before Sarah left.

"Hunter didn't really like me from the very beginning, I think. He always was saying I was too small. Sarah's too little. Sarah's voice isn't loud enough. Sarah's weak. Never really gave me a chance. He didn't ask me if I could row. We got along great and we'll be friends. But just seemed like -- and also he was with Gina. And me and Gina kind of seemed to have a thing."

Jones seemed to resent that Hunter always asked her to work, to chip in and help out.

"I don't think anyone needed to ask anyone to do anything," she said. "We're all there for the same reason. We all got there doing the same things. And no one needed to be told what to do."

She did admit that there was a difference between the two tribes - one made up of workers, and one "on vacation".

"After watching last night I couldn't believe the difference between the two tribes. It was amazing. Night and day. So that shocked me."

What did Jones think about Vecepia's comments about Sarah "paying for her body" and "flaunting it," asked Clayson.

"I didn't really take that as a bad comment," Jones responded. "She said if you've got it, flaunt it. I took that as a compliment. Everyone seemed to think of that as a bad thing she said and I didn't seem to take it that way." And she went on to say that she might follow Survivor: The Australian Outback castaway Jerri Manthes and poses for a magazine if the price was right.

What did Sarah think she did wrong in the game?

"I think when the tribes switched, I definitely could have changed around a little. I could have buddied up with Neleh or Paschal or Kathy."

Asked why she didn't, she answered: "I was miserable. But I could have done some things different. It's too late now. It's a game."

Jones said her goal was at least to make it to the merge. "But, you know, everything changes; every single second of the day, something's different. Somebody makes somebody else mad."

Clayson said that they had gotten lots of e-mails about Sarah, and more specifically about Sarah and the U.S. flag: "Why you draped yourself in the U.S. flag. Why you used it as a blanket? Why you used it as a beach towel."

Jones was a little surprised. She said all five of her tribe had slept under the flag. She didn't know why the producers of the show showed only her wrapped in it. And she said she meant no disrespect to the flag.

Asked about her teammates, Jones replied, "I think Sean is hilarious. I love the guy." But she added, "He is a drama queen. Everything was drama with Sean. But he is hilarious. That's one of the reasons I never wanted to vote for Sean. He made me laugh. And that's something you don't get to do out there very often."

She said that Gina's "a really nice girl. But after watching (the show) I had no idea of the dirty looks she was flowing at me. I was shocked. The little glares and the rolling the eyes. I had no idea. But I like Gina a lot. I never once voted for her. I thought she was strong. She deserved to be out there. She had a good time. She did very well."

Since she's been home, Jones said her life has changed. "I've decided I never wanted to work in an office again. Didn't go back to the office job. I've been doing a lot of photography. I'm definitely more of an outdoor climbing. I've been rock climbing. I've been to the beach."

And like all good "survivors," Sarah said she'd do it all again in a heartbeat. "I had a really good time when I was out there. I wanted to come home with no regrets. And I have not one, except for maybe not standing on that original log that I stood on. I'm happy with everything out there."