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'Satellite Sisters' Success Story

Liz Dolan, a marketing executive and a news junkie, couldn't relate to much of what she heard on the radio. She was looking for a program where people seemed to enjoy talking to, rather than arguing with, one another.

And then it occurred to her to create such a program herself with people she liked to talk with. She recruited her four sisters: Lian, Julie, Monica, and Sheila, who were spread out all over the country. They called the program "Satellite Sisters."

For what is now a big hit, the five sisters, who grew up in Connecticut, hook up via satellite from their homes in Los Angeles, Portland, Ore., and Moscow. They range in age from 37 to 47 and they share a similar approach to life and big-family wisdom. Beginning Saturday, Feb. 8, their weekly radio program will be syndicated on ABC Radio Networks.

Their success also led to their book "Satellite Sisters' UnCommon Senses," originally published in 2001 and featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show. They also publish a weekly email newsletter, Sisterlogue, and have a Web site,

In the last two years, the radio show and the Web site have received three Gracie Awards for excellence from American Women in Radio and Television.