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Sarah White (PICTURES): Naked therapist explains unusual treatments

Sarah White has invented the field of "naked therapy"
Sarah White has invented the field of "naked therapy"

(CBS) - Having trouble talking about your feelings? Would it help if I took my clothes off?

That, in a nutshell, is "naked therapy," which 24-year-old Sarah White is promoting. She offers therapy sessions where patients are encouraged to reveal their feelings while she reveals her body. It's not likely a technique that the American Psychological Association endorses.

PICTURES: Sarah White, Naked Therapist

In any case, White is not a "licensed" therapist, subject to standards and laws of a practicing psychologist. In fact, after a quick visit at her website, it would be hard to decide whether she's an unlicensed therapist who models or a model who dabbles in therapy.

White's clients are overwhelmingly men. Shocker. Sessions are conducted via web-cam at $150 per hour.

"Power through arousal," is the basic idea behind naked therapy, according to White's site. The jay-bird shrink says she plans on pursuing a Ph.D. in therapy.

"The goal is to show patients I have nothing to hide, and to encourage them to be more honest, White explained in an interview with The Daily.

"For men in particular, seeing a naked woman can really help them focus."

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