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Sarah Palin to Come to Joe Miller's Aid in Alaska

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin speaks to supporters at a Republican National Committee rally in Orlando, Fla., Saturday, Oct. 23, 2010. AP

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will campaign in her home state tomorrow for GOP nominee Joe Miller, who polls suggest is in a tight race against Palin rival and write-in candidate Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

The Miller-hosted rally in Anchorage was announced on the Palin-affiliated site "Conservatives 4 Palin." According to the invitation, Todd Palin and "Northern Exposure" actress Janine Turner will be present, and Mike Huckabee, Rep. Michele Bachmann, Sen. Jim DeMint and Sen. James Inhofe will appear via video.

Palin was an early supporter of the Tea Party-backed Miller, whose upset victory over Murkowski, a Republican senator, resulted in her write-in campaign. Polls suggest the two are running about even and Democrat Scott McAdams trailing by double digits.

There is a history of bad blood between Palin and Murkowski, and just yesterday Palin attacked the senator for her "gall" in a senatorial debate, writing she had "never seen a candidate stoop as low" as Murkowski did in the debate.

Miller, meanwhile, submitted to an awkward walk-and-talk interview yesterday with liberal MSNBC host Rachel Maddow, who pressed him on whether people choose to be gay. Miller responded that it is "a state issue."

He refused to give a straight answer to the question, stating at one point that "I'm not going to intrude upon an individual's decision as to what he or she does" and at another that "I think it's important that we recognize there are different approaches to different values."

"And I think that's it's best for states to be able to make those choices," he said.

Miller added, however, that he would sign onto a constitutional ban to support gay marriage and said he supports the Defense of Marriage Act. That prompting Maddow to ask, "So you do want a federal role in restricting the states' ability to legalize gay marriage, but at the state level you..."

"That's not what I said," Miller countered. "I said that there is a federal role, there are obviously federal decisions made based on the standards of marriage."

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