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Sarah Palin: Obama was "Lecturing, not Leading"

On Fox News Last night, former Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin offered her analysis of President Obama's State of the Union speech. Perhaps not surprisingly, she didn't give the president a rave review.

Palin called the president's speech a "lecture" and said Mr. Obama did "quite a bit of lecturing, not leading."

The former Alaska governor, who is now a paid commentator for the cable news network, had nicer things to say about Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, who offered the Republican response. Palin said McDonnell was "quite inspiring" and that he "absolutely gets it and understands government's appropriate role."

When asked whether she thought Mr. Obama had reached across the aisle, Palin said "not necessarily."

Palin did say she appreciated Mr. Obama's mention of off-shore drilling and new nuclear energy plans, which appears to refer to a proposal to build new nuclear plants.

However, she added that nothing was stopping the president from passing legislation and said the way he addressed the issues was "a bit condescending" to Republicans, who were saying, "Wait, whoa, we wanted to do that all along. Where you been?"

Palin made her comments on the Greta Van Susteren show following the address. She was a guest along with Karl Rove, Joe Trippi, and Bob Beckel.

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