Sarah Palin is "so pro-Tebow"

FILE - In this Sept. 5, 2011 file photo, former Republican vice presidential candidate and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin waves to supporters before addressing a Tea Partly Express Rally in Manchester, N.H. A documentary about Palin "Sarah Palin _ You Betcha!" will be shown at the Toronto Film Festival. (AP Photo/Stephan Savoia, file)
Stephan Savoia
Sarah Palin.
Stephan Savoia

Sarah Palin jumped on the Tim Tebow bandwagon this week, declaring in a telephone interview with Fox News that she is "so pro-Tebow."

"I am so pro-Tebow," Palin told Fox's Shannon Bream. "You know, he is so unashamed of his savior, Jesus of Nazareth - he knows that Jesus is going to rock your world when you give it all over to him and he's bold about it. And, you know, he knows that the son of God should be honored and praised. Tebow does that and I respect it."

The Denver Broncos quarterback has been high on the political radar in recent weeks, starting at last week's Republican presidential debate, when Texas Governor Rick Perry declared he was "ready to be the Tim Tebow of the Iowa caucuses."

"There are a lot of folks who said Tim Tebow wasn't going to be a very good NFL quarterback. There are people who stood up and said, 'Well, he doesn't have the right throwing mechanisms,' " Perry said during the debate. "He won two national championships and that looked pretty good. We were the national champions in job creation back in Texas."

Chuck Laudner, an Iowa radio host, recently gave that title to Rick Santorum, however, who he deemed the "Tim Tebow of the Republican process out there." (Laudner openly backs Santorum for president.)

Tebow has been vocal about his Christian faith, and has gone so far as to tell teammates that God had "spoken to" him. His polarizing religious claims have prompted some to nickname him "God's Quarterback" - and a recent sketch on NBC's "Saturday Night Live" roundly mocked the idea that God was responsible for his victories. (Pat Robertson was not amused by the sketch, which he later attacked as "anti-Christian bigotry.")

On Sunday, however, Tebow's record as fourth-quarter comeback king was marred by a 41-23 loss to the New England Patriots.