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Sarah Palin And White, Married Women

Not only do white, married women vote more Republican than single white women and women of color, but married voters generally vote in greater percentages than unmarried voters.

Consider this article from Women's eNews:

While single women's participation rates grew in 2004, they voted at significantly lower levels than married counterparts. Also, 24 percent of unmarried female voters tend to drop off in midterm elections, compared to 20 percent for the overall population.

In 2004, unmarried female voters grew to 22 percent of voters, up from 19 percent four years earlier, according to Women's Voices Women Vote, a nonpartisan Washington-based group working to involve more unmarried women in the political process.

Fifty-nine percent of unmarried women voted that year, compared to 50 percent of single men. But a much greater percentage of married women--71 percent--voted. If unmarried women voted at the same rate as married women in 2004, there would have been 6 million additional voters, Women's Voices found.

So, sorry if I've crossed your eyes with an overload of voting data, but the fact is, it should be no surprise to any pundit, pollster, or political commentator that Sarah Palin is helping Republicans win the white women's vote, because she comes from and represents the most important voting demographic in the American public today.

By Bonnie Erbe