Sarah Palin Almost Gets Tomato in Face, but Jeremy Olson Has Terrible Aim

(AP Photo/Andy King)
(Bloomington Police Department)
NEW YORK (CBS) Maybe Jeremy Olson should have practiced with a target before attempting to pelt Sarah Palin with tomatoes at a book signing in Minnesota Dec. 7.

Photo: Sarah Palin holding son Trig at Dec. 7, book signing in Minn.

Olson, 33, who police say has no permanent address, was arrested at the Mall of America in Minnesota after one of the tomatoes meant for Sarah Palin failed to hit their mark and landed squarely in the face of a Bloomington police officer, according to Bloomington Police Commander Mark Stehlik. Commander Stehlik said that Olson's aim was off by "maybe ten feet to the left, it wasn't close to her."

Photo: Mug shot of Jeremy Olson, arrested Dec.7.

As officers were arresting Olson he said that "he wished he had better aim" according to Commander Stehlik.

Olson now faces charges of 5th degree assault on a police officer and disorderly conduct, according to Commander Stehlik.

Olson is currently being held in the jail at the Bloomington Police Department and when question early Tuesday Dec. 8 he refused to give a statement. He will likely appear in court later today or tommorrow depending on when the investigators are able to get the case in front of prosecutors.

Commander Stehlik also told CBS News' Crimesider that Olson had "a bigger tomato arsenal in his pocket that had yet to be deployed" as well as a journal with one entry that read: 'Today i will attempt to pelt Sarah Palin with juicy red tomatoes for her fantastic collection of stamps on the American political piggy sceen(sic)', it is not known what he meant by 'stamps'.

An alternate ID was also found, when he was arrested, with a different name than the one he gave police. "But we are fairly certain that the name we released is the correct one," Commander Stehlik said.

Commander Stehlik said that there were still questions about why he had an alternate ID and that depending on where the investigation leads there might be more charges.