Santa, Reindeer And The Twin Towers

Chris Clyncke stands with his wife, Debbie, and son, Jeremiah, in front of a holiday light display, including the traditional team of Santa's reindeer, augmented with a U.S. flag and a symbolic representation of the World Trade Center twin towers Friday, Dec. 21, 2001, in Boulder, Colo. Chris Clyncke, who runs Clyncke & Son Concrete, welded rebar to form the two towers, which he strung with nearly 4,000 red, white and blue lights to form the flag.
In Chris Clyncke's front yard, the World Trade Center is in lights.

Clyncke decided to pay homage to New York's destroyed trade center this holiday season by erecting a 30-foot replica of the twin towers, made from 4,000 Christmas lights.

"We wanted to do something different after Sept. 11. It started out to show the kids who lost their parents back in New York that people around the world do care. Then it got a little bigger," Clyncke said.

With his wife and 13-year-old son, Clyncke, a concrete contractor, spent four weeks setting up the display, which includes an American flag, a Christmas tree, Santa Claus and reindeer.

The display cost about $500, Clyncke said, and probably costs about $100 a month in electricity. He said he's spent hours on a donated hydraulic lift fixing lights blown out each day by mountain winds.

"On average I replace a dozen bulbs a day," he said.

Neighbor Bob Morton said anytime he goes anywhere he makes a point to pass by the house.

"The display is beautifully done. I am amazed at being amateurs they could pull it off," Morton said.

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