Sandusky was "creepy," says ex-foundation kid

The sex abuse scandal enveloping Penn State University revolves around former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky, who was a top lieutenant of legendary - now fired head football coach Joe Paterno.

Prosecutors charge Sandusky repeatedly abused young boys, dating back 15 years, notes CBS News chief investigative correspondent Armen Keteyian, and that Sandusky used a charity he founded for troubled kids in 1977, The Second Mile, as bait.

Troy Craig, now 33, was 10 when he took part in Second Mile programs.

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Craig told Angie Koehle of CBS affiliate WTAJ in Altoona, Pa. he was never abused by Sandusky, but Sandusky's actions were "creepy."

"He would put his hand on my thigh," Craig says, "and he would just keep it there. Sometimes there would be a squeeze, but he would just keep it there, and it made me uncomfortable."

There were, says Koehle, trips to Penn State games, standing on the sidelines, and picnics with Sandusky's family.

Craig says he remembers "being in the team locker room and thinking that was neat."

Craig's experiences, says Koehle, are strikingly similar to those of the boys Sandusky is accused of abusing.

In a 23-page grand jury report, alleged victims testified Sandusky took them to games, picnics and, like Craig, put his hand on their legs.

"I knew when I was little that it was creepy and different, and I stand by that now," Craig says. "I experienced nothing criminal or witnessed nothing criminal that he did."

Craig says it's possible the behavior could have eventually escalated.

By speaking out, he says, he hopes that, if there are more than just the 8 reported victims, they'll hear him and come forward also.

"If somebody out there is wrestling with the idea of coming out and testifying maybe seeing me would compel them to do it," says Craig.