Sandra Bullock's "Love Addiction"

Sandra Bullock has a love addiction, according to addiction medicine specialist Dr. Drew Pinsky.

He said the star fits the concept of someone who "seeks someone out, idealizes them, and then misses all the red flags that everyone else seems to see."

But Bullock is seeing the red flags now, and making changes to her life, according to People magazine. The publication says she's divorcing husband Jesse James, and recently adopted a baby boy from New Orleans, named Louis. The magazine notes that Bullock plans to be a single parent.

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Pinsky explained on "The Early Show" that someone with a love addiction "doesn't have good boundaries around themselves. It's someone who has a distorted version of themselves in intimate encounters. They need that other person to be bigger than life -- the person they need them to be -- and they superimpose that on the other person, and really don't see the things that could get them into trouble -- and did in this case."

Does that mean James, who was caught in a relationship with tattoo model Michelle "Bombshell" McGee, is a sex addict?

Pinsky said he doesn't know about that, referring to the multi-purpose treatment facility James visited following news of his affair.

Pinsky said, "We know that he went for treatment to a program that treats sex addiction, among other addictions and among other mental health issues."

Pinsky reminded viewers that, if someone is admitted to one of these programs, he or she must meet the criteria for a particular diagnosis, such as sex addiction, or a hospital will lose its accreditation.

Pinsky used the example of Tiger Woods, who was treated for sex addiction, whereas with James, it isn't known what he was treated for at the facility he visited.

"It might have been just ... depression, from all the horrible things that's been going on in his life," Pinsky said.

As for Bullock, Pinsky said she'll cope "very, very well" going forward, because she's taking the "high road" through all these changes.

"I find it disturbing that people expect her to ... start bashing Jesse," he said. "One thing that's clear about Jesse and Sandra is that everyone who meets them, loves them. They're not bad people, they're people who are easy to like. And Sandra loves Jesse. His condition, whatever it might be, took him to a horrible place, and she has determined that she can't live with that, but she's taking the high road nonetheless, and focusing on her child."

Pinsky said if he were treating Bullock he would recommend psychotherapy "to deal with these issues that seem to get in the way of her being able to have a stable relationship."