San Francisco woman uses bear spray to catch "Bicycle Bandit" suspect

A can of bear spray, like the one Yu used to catch the bicycle bandit

(CBS) SAN FRANCISCO - Police believe the "Bicycle Bandit of Noe Valley," a man allegedly responsible for several car and package thefts, has finally been caught - by a woman wielding a can of bear spray and a wooden sword, CBS San Francisco reports.

The Bicycle Bandit gained his name after occasionally being photographed pedaling away from his crimes on bicycle.

On Nov. 27, food photographer Sonya Yu decided to set a trap for the allegedly bandit, leaving a package on her doorstep as bait. Armed with bear repellant and a Japanese training sword known as a bokken, she then chased down the man who came along to steal it, according to the station.

Yu reportedly sprayed 51-year-old Andy Anduha with a can of bear spray, and then called police.

Anduha was arrested on suspicion of first-degree residential burglary. Investigators said he could face as much as 6 years in prison.