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On-duty cops wearing Trump caps causes stir in Texas

SAN ANTONIO - San Antonio’s police chief is vowing to discipline more than a dozen officers seen in a Donald Trump campaign video wearing “Make America Great Again” caps while in uniform.

Additionally, CBS San Antonio affiliate KENS-TV reports that city officials in an open letter requested the Trump campaign to take down the video of officers wearing the caps -- which the candidate posted to his Twitter feed -- saying :“Impartiality and neutrality with respect to the person being protected is essential to effectively carrying out their role as assigned security.”

In a statement posted to the city’s Twitter account, Chief William McManus says the officers “displayed poor judgment” and violated city policy. McManus says they “will be disciplined appropriately,” but didn’t elaborate.

A video on Trump’s Twitter account shows at least 14 members of his motorcycle escort wearing the signature red caps after escorting Trump to San Antonio International Airport on Tuesday. In the 25-second video, Trump is heard saying “Thank you, fellas” to the officers. Several officers then thank the Republican presidential nominee and gave him a thumbs-up sign.

The city of San Antonio, in its open letter to Trump to take the video of the incident down, says the posting of the video could be the reason for the officers’ punishment.

The letter reads: “Video of this calculated political maneuver is posted on your candidate’s Twitter account and is essentially a political ad. City policy prohibits the Officers from participating in this activity while acting in their capacity as city employees. The Officers will be appropriately disciplined.”

Mike Helle, president of the San Antonio Police Officers Association, told the San Antonio Express News that officers escort dignitaries “all the time” and he was surprised that they would don the political hats. That said, Helle did not expect severe punishment for the officers.

“It seems kind of benign,” he said. “They’d probably get a written reprimand or counseling to not do that sort of thing on duty.”

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