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Samuel L. Jackson lends voice to parody kid book

Samuel L. Jackson Walter Bieri,AP Photo/Keystone

Think "Pulp Fiction" meets Mother Goose: That's just how Samuel L. Jackson's reading of "Go the **** to Sleep" by Adam Mansbach sounds.

"Eye on Parenting" passed along an Associated Press reportback in May about Mansbach's dark horse book that sold more than 100,000 copies on Amazon and its movie rights were purchased. The book had reached the cool parent masses.

But now, with the addition of a reading by a beloved celebrity, known for his potty-mouth roles, brings the story to new and  - almost certainly - viral video heights. The most popular video of Jackson's reading on YouTube, as of this writing, has already been viewed nearly 69,000 times. Check out an excerpt of him reading here.

What do you think of this book and the reading? Is it funny or does it cross a line? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Profanity-laced child book parody a surprise hit

Jackson's dramatic reading of the book is available for download for free. Also, listen to his reading on YouTube here, but be aware, the reading contains graphic language.

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