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Sammy Hagar says aliens abducted him

Sammy Hagar says he was abducted by aliens. ALIENS. Getty

(CBS) The debate over Sammy Hagar's worth - whether he's a better Van Halen frontman than David Lee Roth, his time with Montrose, his solo career, his tequila fascination, Chickenfoot - is officially over. However you feel about him, he's now supplied a truly great story.

He was abducted by aliens. ALIENS.

When asked by MTVHive if he's ever been abducted by aliens, Hagar says, "I think I have." In his new memoir, "Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock," Hagar describes aliens tapping into his mind.

When questioned about it by MTVHive, Hagar says, "It was real. [Aliens] were plugged into me. It was a download situation."

That doesn't sound like an abduction so much as a download (to use Hagar's word), but why quibble? In the anthology of rock stories, Hagar has upped the ante.

All the hotel-trashing tales bands have? The drug stories? NOTHING COMPARED TO ALIEN ABDUCTION.

In the interview, Hagar also touches on groupies (of course), how he feels about David Lee Roth ("He's not a friendly guy"), and why he's dogging Van Halen now.

Read the story here.

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