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Sam Smith's post-Grammys plans: "I'm going to In-N-Out"

Warning: You're about to fall deeper in love with Sam Smith.

The "Stay With Me" singer is up for multiple Grammys -- including best album of the year -- at music's biggest night, but he's not letting the glitz and the glamour distract him from what he really wants: a cheeseburger.

"I'm going to go to In-N-Out burger straight-away," Smith said to ET's Kevin Frazier when asked about his post-award show plans. "I've been juicing for the last two weeks. I'm going to go straight to [get] a burger. Come with me, it'll be fun."

When he's not dreaming of a double-double with cheese, the English singer is working on songs for his next album, and we've discovered it's going to be even darker than the first. "I'm a melancholy person. It's how I'm always going to be," Smith said. "I'm actually writing music that's a little bit darker right now, which is a bad thing."

But the crooner admitted he's definitely ready to open his heart to someone, and let those feelings influence his music. "I'm trying to be happy trying to fall in love -- it's not as easy as you think though," he said.

Smith, who is nominated for six Grammys this year, spilled that he is not focusing on winning. "I'm just not thinking about it, if I'm honest," he said. "I'm just trying to enjoy the moment. To me this is a celebration of an amazing year and a half so that's how I'm trying to think of it."

When a Facebook fan asked if Smith will dance his "ass off" after a potential win, the crooner was quick to offer up an even better alternative: "I'll strip!" Before adding, "No no, I won't do that." Aww, man. Way to get our hopes up, Sam!

ET also had a special celebrity question from hip-hop legend Common and he asked Smith, "What's your motivation behind your favorite song that you wrote?"

Smith revealed this his favorite song, "I'm Not the Only One," was inspired by Stevie Wonder. Coincidentally just moments before our interview, Smith and Wonder had an impromptu meet and greet in their dressing rooms.