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Salt Lake City police are searching for a man seen on video assaulting a gay man

A video circulating on Twitter shows a man hitting another man in Salt Lake City after asking if he was gay, reports the CBS affiliate there, KUTV. In the video, the man is seen asking the victim: "Are you gay though?"

The victim, Sal Trejo, replies, "Oh, I am."

The suspect responds, "Oh then you're gay?"

As Trejo tries to answer, the suspect is seen hitting him.

Trejo told KUTV the incident happened at 1:45 a.m. outside a bar on Main Street.

Trejo said the didn't know the man in the video and said he was standing outside waiting for an Uber.

Trejo said the man walked up and started making misogynist and homophobic comments to him and the members of his group, which included men and women.

They were concerned he was dangerous, so they began videoing him.

Trejo claimed the man punched him in the arm, pulled a knife on another member of his group and shoved one of his female friends.

The man then walked away, stepped into a black BMW and drove away erratically, with the car hitting soft dividers in the road.

Trejo described the person as a white man, approximately 23-24 years old, about 5'8," dressed in blue jeans, camouflaged print sneakers, a forest green T-shirt, a silver watch and a Louis Vuitton belt.

Trejo said the man was very inebriated and showing off his clothing to the group.

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