Salmonella Egg Scare Spreads: The New Don't Eat List

Salmonella is also a bacterium that is widespread in the intestines of birds, reptiles and mammals. It can spread to humans via a variety of different foods of animal origin. The illness it causes, salmonellosis, typically includes fever, diarrhea and abdominal cramps. In persons with poor underlying health or weakened immune systems, it can invade the bloodstream and cause life-threatening infections.
broken eggs
Salmonella tainted egg? (istockphoto)

(CBS) More eggs must be trashed as the ever-expanding recall of eggs produced by the chickens of Iowa-based Wright County Egg continues.

NuCal Foods, one of the largest egg distributors in the United States, has is now recalling eggs bought from the Iowa-based producer.

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NuCal, a Northern California company, repackaged the Iowa eggs into large five dozen parcels, which were then sold commercially in California and Nevada under different brand names, according to a company statement.

These four varieties listed below are an addition to the eggs listed in the earlier CBS News update today. 

Bayview Large 5dz
UPC: 7-17544-30172-1
Plant #: P-1686
Date: 142-149

Mountain Dairy Medium 5dz
UPC: 0-11110-89969-9
Date: 193-208

Nulaid Medium 5dz
UPC: 0-71230-02140-0
Plant #: P-1091
Date: 167-174

UPC: 0-71230-02140-0
Plant#: P-1951
Date: 195-210

Sun Valley Medium 5dz
UPC: 6-48065-11432-6
Plant: P-1951
Date: 195-209

PICTURES: 9 Signs of Salmonella