Sally Quinn on her life, spirituality and why all religion is magic

Sally Quinn made history as the first woman to anchor a CBS News morning show in August 1973. After she left CBS, Quinn returned to a successful print career at the Washington Post, where she met her late husband, Ben Bradlee. He was the Post's legendary editor during the Watergate era.


Quinn's new book, "Finding Magic: A Spiritual Memoir," details her marriage to Bradlee and other defining moments that shaped her beliefs. Quinn joined "CBS This Morning" to discuss her life and journey to finding spirituality.

"When I started writing this book it was because I had been an atheist and started a religion website for the Washington Post which, already was sort of a weird combination. And I started studying religion and it became clear to me that all religion was magic," Quinn said.

Quinn says she became an atheist after seeing photos her father had taken during World War II. She said "I couldn't believe that God had let this happen."  

"That magic and all of the things that go along with magic are just another name for what faith you might have," Quinn said. "They're all just as legitimate as the others."