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Human foot found on Canadian coastline — the 15th since 2007

At least 15 human feet have been found along the shores of a Canadian province over the past 12 years, according to a government news release. One was recently discovered in a shoe in West Vancouver, in September.

Now, the Coroners Service of British Columbia is seeking the public's help in determining who the foot belong to. The government office, which investigates deaths in the western Canadian province, said it belongs to a male believed to be younger than 50.

"This is the 15th human foot found on British Columbia shorelines since August 2007," the Coroners Service said this week in a news release.

The Nike shoe BC Coroners Service

The agency said the foot was inside a 9.5-size, light grey Nike shoe.

There's no reason for alarm, according to an official.

"One thing that we know is that these feet that are found — they're not linked to any sort of suspicious circumstance," said Coroners Service spokesperson Andy Watson, CBC reported. "I want to clear that up to make sure people are aware this isn't a cause for panic."

The agency released an infographic showing where — and when — all the feet have been found:

An infographic showing where feet have been found in British Columbia. BC Coroners Service

Several other human feet have also reportedly been discovered in the same region in Washington state in recent years.

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