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Saggy Pants Ruling: Not a Crime to Look Foolish

Saggy Pants: Not a Crime to Look Foolish

NEW YORK (CBS/WCBS/AP) Saggy pants, a crime?

"Not in the state of New York," Judge Ruben Franco told CBS affiliate WCBS. "In the state of New York there is no such law."

An NYPD officer recently gave a Bronx man a ticket for saggy pants, but Ruben tossed the offense, saying the ticket wasn't legal.

Judge Ruben Franco said that the summons appeared to be an attempt by one police officer to show his displeasure with the style.

Franco has ruled on many saggy pants cases in his courtroom and has made the same decision each time.

"We may find this mode of dress distasteful, but it's not illegal," Franco said, according to WCBS. "The constitution does permit for foolishness in people in their mode of dress."

The Bronx man, Julio Martinez, was issued the ticket on April 20. Franco's decision was issued last month.

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