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Sadie's Swagger Day After Westminster Win

How does the winner of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show act a day after winning the biggest competition in the country?

Sadie, the Scottish terrier, "Early Show" co-anchor Harry Smith said, had a "different kind of swagger" Wednesday morning.

Sadie the Scottie Wins Westminster

The dog show brought out more than 2,500 competitors. But there could only be one named "Best in Show."

David Frei, Westminster's host for the past 20 years, said on the broadcast Sadie was the heavy favorite going into last night's finals.

"She had a lot of things going for her," Frei said, citing her wins in the terrier group in 2009, and winning every big dog show this year.

However, Frei added, good buzz doesn't mean a dog will win at Westminster.

Frei said, "She's the first No. 1 dog to win at Westminster since 2001."

Sadie's handler, Gabriel Rangel, said Sadie performed "perfectly" in the competition. Rangel, a trainer for 25 years, said Sadie is a "once-in-a-lifetime dog" because she's a great breed for performing.

"She has a perfect temperament for crowds, loves people," Rangel said. "She just loves it. She loves everything about it."

Frei agreed, saying Sadie is a typical terrier.

"It's her world and we're just living in it," he joked.

Frei also responded to the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) protests. Last night, PETA representatives held up signs saying "mutts rule" and other slogans, which Smith said, seemed to say that the dog show's pure-bred culture is taking away from shelter animals.

Frei said PETA's response isn't a "fair assessment" of what the show is about.

"Westminster is not only a great show for pure-bred dogs, it's also a celebration of the dogs in our lives," Frei said. "We're teaching people about responsible ownership. We're teaching people about how to get the right dog and what these dogs are all about. Doesn't matter if the dog is pure-bred or not, take care of your dog."

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