Saddam's Home Movie

saddam birthday
Call it Iraq's un-funniest home video -- an unprecedented glimpse of the Hussein family at play.

"Hala's Birthday," which features the Hussein family singing around a birthday cake, may not hit the charts anywhere else. But in Baghdad it's the hottest video in town.

As CBS News Correspondent Mark Phillips reports, the video -- from several years ago -- gives Iraqis a chance to see their ex-dictator in a different light from the formal, scripted appearances that were the norm.

People crowded around a shop watching it couldn't believe their eyes.

The video, shot years ago at a birthday party for one of Saddam's daughters, was probably looted from the house of a family crony. And the looter knew a goldmine when he saw one. After years of being fed a diet of official staged images, this was a peek inside the Saddam "thug-ocracy."

There was shot of his brooding son Uday. There was Saddam posing with the Kamel, son-in-law he later had murdered. There was dancing.

It turns out the Husseins could not only rule with an iron fist, they could party.

All seventy copies -- at about a dollar each -- sold out. The shop is getting more.