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Ryan Phillippe Admits "Jersey Shore" Obsession

Hunky actor Ryan Phillippe, who stars in the upcoming comedy "MacGruber" has a really silly side to him and admits that he had an obsession with MTV's "Jersey Shore."

"I was really into MTV's Jersey Shore. Oh my God. I got really obsessed. I would count down until the next episode-literally, like, 'OK, four more days...' I was into it," he told Women's Health Magazine in its upcoming May issue.

An East Coast native, Phillippe says that he knew guys who were similar to those in the show's rowdy cast while he was growing up, so it was "fascinating" to him.

"I could relate to it in some strange way," he admitted. "The most entertaining character is 'The Situation'; there's so much insecurity going on there. But we don't need to analyze the cast!"

Like "The Situation," Phillippe isn't shy when it comes to showing of his hunkiness. The buff, blue-eyed actor is shirtless in the May issue of Women's Health.

When it comes to relationships, Phillippe's perquisite for a woman is a good sense of humor.

"If a woman is funny, that will leave an impression and stay on my brain," he said. "I like dark, intellectual wit. But no jokes about bodily functions. That's not a turn-on for me."

So that means Snooki is out of luck!

Although Phillippe is still trying to figure out his love life, he knows what qualities are needed for a long-term relationship.

"Unconditional love and patience. A lot of times, people are in a relationship with someone they'd love to grow old with, but things become tumultuous, and there's so much that can divide you. That's the challenge," he said.

Phillippe got married to "Legally Blonde" and Academy-award winning actress ("Walk the Line") Reese Witherspoon at the young age of 23. Now 35 and divorced, he admits that "a lot of change can take place in that time."

Busy Hollywood schedules don't help strengthen relationships either.

"Actors are slightly handicapped by their lifestyle," he explained. "Couples spend time apart and with other people, and we deal with public scrutiny. It's hard."

But all seriousness aside, Phillippe hopes to bring the laughs on May 31 when "MacGruber" hits theaters.

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