Ruth Madoff: Why she's telling her story

Ruth Madoff has always refused to talk publically about her husband's crimes and her own shame. She tells Morley Safer she is speaking out now in order to bring her fractured family back together.

There are many reasons people decide to talk to "60 Minutes." Some want to clear their name; some want to make sure their side of the story gets told; some just love the attention; and some want to alert the public to corruption or danger.

Of all the myriad reasons we've heard in 44 seasons of "60 Minutes," the rationale of Ruth Madoff - wife of imprisoned financial fraudster Bernie Madoff - was a stunning first. We're not going to spoil it for you by revealing Ruth's reasons. You need to watch it on "60 Minutes Overtime" and find out for yourself.

On "60 Minutes" this week, Ruth and her son Andrew Madoff told their stories publically for the first time - how in December 2008 Bernie Madoff admitted to his family that he'd been running a massive Ponzi scheme. He was arrested by the FBI the next day.

What happened to the entire family in the following months and years is best summed up by "60 Minutes" producer Deirdre Naphin Curran: "It's Biblical, Shakespearean, and Greek tragedy all wrapped in one." Among the elements of this tragedy: financial fraud, duplicity, deception, suicide, estrangement, mystery, and unanswered questions.