Rutgers University reviewing all school teams amid intense scrutiny


(CBS News) The president of Rutgers University says officials are now reviewing practice video from all the school's teams. The move comes in the wake of the Rutgers basketball scandal involving inflammatory video of basketball coach Mike Rice. The goal is to make sure other coaches aren't mistreating players.

Rutgers announced yesterday it will commission an independent investigation to look into the "inappropriate behavior" in the men's basketball program.

Video of Rice abusing players is not the highlight reel Rutgers University wants its basketball program to be known by. But for now, it is. The compilation of outbursts by Rice, taken from hours of practices, has embarrassed and angered faculty and students alike.

"Horrible words were used," a person said at a town hall held by Rutgers University President Robert Barchi on Monday. "And I don't know what that has to be used in an athletic arena."

Another at the same event said, "In order for you to take a moral step and lead by example - why don't you pay the next basketball coach half of what you pay now."

Addressing the controversy wasn't the original purpose for a town hall held by Barchi, but it quickly became the main topic of the event.

"Let's focus on what we're doing going forward and about how strongly I feel about this," Barchi said.

When the practice video went viral, Rice was suspended and eventually fired. Three other staff members resigned, including Athletic Director Tim Pernetti. In a settlement with the university, both Rice and Pernetti will get to keep over $1 million in salaries each, and perks, including a car allowance and school-issued iPad.

The video also shows Rice berating players with abusive language, including homophobic slurs. That is especially shocking to many given the 2010 suicide of Rutgers freshman Tyler Clementi after his intimate encounter with another man was streamed over the Internet.

One woman asked the university president at the town hall, "What plan do you have as part of your strategic planning to deal with the change in the climate and culture?"

Barchi said, "I will not tolerate that sort of behavior on this campus."

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie hired Barchi last September to reorganize the state's higher education system. On Monday, Christie reiterated his support for the university president, but minced no words in his opinion of Rice: "What parent would let this animal back into their living room to try to recruit their son, after this video?"

Barchi admits he was told about concerns over Rice's behavior as far back as November, but chose not to view the tape. That was right at the time Rutgers accepted an invitation to join the Big Ten Conference -- a move that means tens of millions of dollars in increased revenues.

Asked if one reason the university may have delayed its response to the situation, CBS News correspondent Don Dahler said, "It could be. It's suspicious because the university actually commissioned an outside investigation by a law firm at that time in November to look into whether or not this was a fireable offense. The determination in the 52-page report was that, yes, it was, but still, they suspended Rice, instead of firing him and that was right when the Big Ten announcement was coming out."

Watch Dahler's report in the video above.