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Rush To Judgment

This is your Congress at work.

First, they twittered over the ad, passing a resolution last month condemning “personal attacks” on Gen. David Petraeus from the liberal anti-war group.

Now, they’re sweating over Rush Limbaugh.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) rebuked the conservative talk show host on the Senate floor Monday for referring to some members of the military who oppose the war as “phony soldiers.”

"This comment was so beyond the pale of decency that it cannot be left alone," Reid said.

He then asked his colleagues – Democrat and Republican – to sign a letter calling on the CEO of Clear Channel Communications to publicly repudiate Limbaugh.

“If we take the Republican side at their word that last week’s vote on another controversial statement related to the war was truly about patriotism, not politics, then I have no doubt that they will stand with us against Limbaugh’s comments with equal fervor,” Reid said of the letter that remained on the floor through the Monday night vote.

By the early evening, no Republican had signed it.