​Running since 1969: Man holds record for incredible streak

LOS ANGELES -- Jon Sutherland went for a run today. That doesn't sound remarkable until you ask Sutherland how long he's been running.

"Well, the last time I didn't run was May 25, 1969," said Jon.

Jon has run every day for 16, 797 days in a row. He averages 11 miles each day in the hills of Los Angeles. The mileage barley seems to stretch the limits of Jon's 64-year-old frame.

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"The first thing I think of when I wake up every morning is where am I going to run today," he explained. "There are a couple of times where I didn't run until 11:30 at night but I still got out there and did something."

Jon told us there hasn't been a single day where he's woken up and didn't feel like running. His legs operate like a pair of pistons and Jon has put 192,000 miles on them -- that's nearly eight times around the earth.

But what has made him a running legend is a list maintained by the United States Running Streak Association.The group tracks more than 500 people who have run at least one mile every day for more than a year; Jon is number one. His streak now runs nearly 46 years.

Jim Pearson is number two on the list. He's 266 days behind Jon.

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Jon's streak began when he was 18. His teammates on the track team inspired him to run every day for one year. Jon just never stopped and in 46 years that's not just a lot of running -- it's running through a lot.

Jon has had days where he's been sick with the flu, still he ran. He even ran on the day his father died, who he called "the best friend in my life." He's also had 10 broken bones including a broken hip during a half marathon.

"The next day I could barely lift my leg off the ground," said Jon.

At work Jon stays in his lane. He coaches track at Notre Dame High School. Enzo Wright thinks his coach may have commitment issues.

"He's not human in my opinion but he really gives us something to look up to so that's cool," said Enzo.

Jon said it would take "death" for him not to run.

"It is not what I do, it is who I am. I am a runner. Runners run," Jon said.

And that's why Jon Sutherland hasn't taken a day off since 1969.