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Run a City...Run a Planet

Sid Meier, creator of the Civilization series of simulation games is back with Alpha Centauri. The concept here is fascinating. The UN sends colonists to another world and along the way, they divide. Not based on nationality, but ideology...

"There's a group that believes that science is the most important thing, there's a group that revolves around economics, there's an environmental group, there's a militaristic group. So when you get to Alpha Centauri, groups go off to different parts of the planet and start to create a brave new world based on their philosophy."
In playing the game, you decide which philosophy you want to represent.

If you'd rather focus on more down to Earth situations, Maxis is out with Sim City 3000. Executive Producer Lucy Bradshaw...

"At your fingertips is an entire city that you can control, create, build and make all the decisions. And those decisions actually effect what's taking place in the city and how it develops and how it builds."

It has been five years since the last version and the graphics this time around are more realistic than ever. Five million copies have been sold since the first version of Sim City was released in 1989.

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