Rudy Weighs in on Baseball's Steroid Scandal

From CBS News' Ryan Corsaro:

JACKSONVILLE, FLA. -- Rudy Giuliani was thrown a curveball at today's campaign stop in Florida when he was asked by a supporter about his feelings on the baseball doping report released this week.

Giuliani said his experience as a former prosecutor made him see the issue with a mindset of innocent until proven guilty.

"There's no question this was a very serious problem, there's no question that the procedures in the past were inadequate, there's no question that some people, who knows how many, acted in a way that was very, very wrong and that will hurt the game and hurt themselves."

"But then the question about each individual -- that should be individually evaluated, and not in a big general revelation of names without an indication of the quality of proof against these people."

Recalling being a witness to Roger Maris' record-breaking 61st home run and numerous Yankees World Series wins, Giuliani acknowledged that he knows the damage this can have in distorting baseball history and the reputation of record holders.

Giuliani's wife Judith was in the audience and backed up her husband's passion for the game.

"I love baseball, and the records in baseball are a part of it," said Giuliani, pointing to his wife. "I have a computer chip in his brain, Judith says, for baseball records."

"I hope they get this all straightened out. First thing I would do, just my advice, let's make sure it's stopped right now…and then let's find a fair way to find out what really happened."