Rudy To MoveOn: I'm Your Worst Nightmare

(AP Photo/Jim Cole)
CBS News' Ryan Corsaro is traveling with the Giuliani campaign and files this report:

Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani released a new radio ad today suggesting that is "attacking Rudy Giuliani...because he's their worst nightmare."

The thirty-second ad, entitled "Nightmare," claims that fears the Giuliani campaign because "they know Rudy is a Republican who can beat the Democrats."

Giuliani and have been in a highly publicized media war since last week, when the liberal group released a newspaper ad that criticized General David Petraeus and his Iraq war report. Giuliani condemned the ad and ran his own ad criticizing the group and linking it to Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton. could not be immediately reach for comment.

The ad will begin running today in Iowa.

to listen to "Nightmare."
UPDATE: Responding to the ad, spokesman Eli Pariser tells CBS News that the organization is not afraid of the former mayor. "Our worst nightmare is an endless war in the Middle East," says Pariser.

MoveOn has also released a television ad called "Giuliani: A Betrayal of Trust" that the organization today announced will run nationally on CNN. (The ad had previously been scheduled to air only in Iowa.) The spot, which can be viewed here, criticizes Giuliani for missing Iraq Study Group meetings and then quitting to give "speeches for money." Claims the ad: "Republican voters should ask Giuliani: Where were you when it counted?"