Rudy G. Touts NYC Resilience

Rudy Giuliani

It's hard to tell what happened at Ground Zero - except there are those memories. Ground Zero has been cleaned up - one former city official said "sanitized" - and it's now a tourist attraction.

New York City looks a little different now. The skyline looks emptier, the police look scarier, but as CBS News Correspondent Richard Schlesinger reports, all around a lot of the attitude is the same.

"It's really recovered remarkably considering what it went through on Sept. 11, and I think it's emerged a stronger city," says former mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Asked if he thinks people are on edge, Giuliani says, "No, look at them."

Almost three years at threat level orange, which never changes here, has colored the way New Yorkers look at what happened here and what could happen again.

"Nobody's relaxed about it, but I think they take it in stride as part of what goes along with being the most famous, most popular city in the world," says Giuliani.

A bull's-eye on the back has become part of this city's uniform. All the elevated threats and all the warnings all mention New York as a prime target. It's a lot to get used to but a lot of New Yorkers have. And a lot of visitors have as well, which particularly pleases the city's chief cheerleader.

"They would say we're coming here to show the terrorists that you can't really stop us and sometimes they would even use profanity in New York," says Giuliani about the tourists.

The commission report's 575 pages answered some questions and warned again of the dangers. But the city that never sleeps knows what a wake-up call feels like. It has tossed and turned, fought back the nightmares and for now, at least, is back in business.