Rudy Eugene, Fla. 'face-chewer,' had no human flesh in stomach, autopsy says

Police in Florida have identified the naked man who they say officers fatally shot after he refused to stop eating another naked man's face on a downtown Miami highway ramp. The man's name is Rudy Eugene. Above: Rudy Eugene (undated mugshot)
Rudy Eugene is seen in an undated mug shot
Miami-Dade County Medical Examiner

(CBS) MIAMI - The face-chewing attack that left homeless victim Ronald Poppo missing about 75 percent of his face along a Miami causeway has people calling Rudy Eugene a cannibal. However, an autopsy shows there was no human flesh in Eugene's stomach.

Pictures: Fla. police identify "face-eating" naked man

A law enforcement source told The Miami Herald that the post-death examination revealed a number of undigested pills in Eugene's stomach but no human flesh. 

Investigators have not identified the pills yet and are unsure whether they played a role in Eugene's violent outburst. Toxicology tests will take weeks to complete. Eugene's autopsy records have not been released to the public, and will likely not become available until Miami-Dade prosecutors finish their review of the shooting. That could take more than a year.

A preliminary review reportedly found presence of marijuana in Eugene's system but it is doubtable whether the drug contributed to the face-chewing assault since marijuana doesn't usually spark violent attacks, The Herald reported.

The autopsy also revealed human flesh lodged between Eugene's teeth, a law enforcement source said. Earlier investigations discovered chunks of Poppo's flesh on the ground during the May 26 attack, as if they had been spit out.

Poppo, 65, is now recovering at Jackson Memorial Hospital, where a source told The Herald he has already undergone some skin grafts to help repair his face. Because of his condition, Poppo has been unable to tell Miami detectives what happened.

Eugene, 31, was laid to rest in Miami on Saturday, CBS Miami reports.

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